For the first time in recent history, a national party has set out a detailed strategic plan for the railways. GARETH DENNIS interrogates the Scottish Greens’ “Rail for All” report.

Can the party ever move beyond its various legacies and internally competing ideologies?

If it isn’t autonomous, and it isn’t a metro system, then what exactly is the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro? GARETH DENNIS dives under the hood of this strange project.

New report promises a railway strategy but delivers a recipe for catastrophe

The fatal derailment at Stonehaven has put the condition of railway earthworks into sharp focus. GARETH DENNIS looks at how the extremes of weather as a result of climate change can impact on earthwork resilience.

GARETH DENNIS takes us on a journey along a line that, perhaps like no other, conjures up pride in those who have worked or travelled on it.

No list of railway wonders would be complete without including the great marvel of modern civil engineering that is the Channel Tunnel… GARETH DENNIS looks at the story of its inception, construction and operation.

As its successful application to gain UNESCO world heritage site status so eloquently states, “No bridge is so distinctive from others as is the Forth Bridge from its peers.” GARETH DENNIS explores why he thinks this iconic structure is one of the great wonders of the world.

Gareth Dennis

Railway engineer. Writer. Sustainable transport advocate. Director of @PermanentRail. Lecturer at @BCRRE etc. Leads @PWI_York. STEMist. Feminist. He/him. 🏳️‍🌈

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