Channel Tunnel: The 20th century’s most expensive construction project — but worth every penny

No list of railway wonders would be complete without including the great marvel of modern civil engineering that is the Channel Tunnel… GARETH DENNIS looks at the story of its inception, construction and operation.

Operation Stack in action.
Beaumont’s tunnel boring machine, designed to create the first tunnel under the English Channel.
Whoops! A cement mixer in a bit of a pickle (image from Subterranea Britannica).
There was only a narrow band of viable geology for the tunnel to be driven through.

Safety not the first priority

Engineering geologist Helen Nattrass saves the day.

The unusual benefits of tunnelling megaprojects

Railway engineer. Writer. Sustainable transport advocate. Director of @PermanentRail. Lecturer at @BCRRE etc. Leads @PWI_York. STEMist. Feminist. He/him. 🏳️‍🌈

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